October 2011 at Eddy’s Motel In Butte, MT

October 2011 at Eddy’s Motel In Butte, MT

Eddy’s Motel enjoyed a wonderful summer, with a fine array of guests. In September our friends the Royall’s from Virginia came back for a week.  Eddy’s has become their annual stopping place as they travel the northwest and spend time in Butte, MT. We had the Spooner from England spend several days with us and were happy to hear from them when they arrived home safely.

There have been many others who’ve stayed for a night or two who we’ve enjoyed wonderful conversations with. We are back in the season of long term rentals and the feeling of “family” is often felt.

Our new roofs are in progress, which enhance the place quite a bit. Shadow has remodelled  a couple rooms, which are very nice. Wildflower continues with decorating indoor and out. The garden was thirsty this year as we had very little rain. A crisp fall is upon us and we’re happy the frost hasn’t come yet, however there is snow on the mountains which is a beautiful sight.

We’ve added a “Gift Area” in our office and carry jewelry, knick knacks, organic soap, and handcrafted wooden key rings and bookmarks made by Wildflower’s father  (who has been a woodworker for 45 years and in his mid 80’s still producing for a couple of shops in the east coast).

We look forward to your visit at Eddy’s………come stay with us.